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Let's Re-Write Your Love Story & Learn What it Takes to Be The Woman That Will Attract the Love You Deserve

Meet Dr. Stacii Jae (LHD, MAMFT)

"I help single women fix their dating lives by coaching them and guiding them to develop their own philosophy about dating". 

My clients successfully rewrite their love stories as they learn how to create and cultivate the love they deserve.

Why Work With Me?


I realized that I had spent most of my life being in long relationships with the WRONG MEN!

The men weren’t the problem; the problem was ME, and my perspective on dating and relationships. So I decided to go back to the beginning, which for me was dating and empowering myself to rewrite my love story.

When we work together you'll:




Letting Go


Meet My Successful Clients

ChaChanna S.

She listened to me, asked plenty of questions to figure out what my issues are and what is getting in my way. She was so lively and fun. I found myself opening up to her. By the end of the call, I had three assignments and am feeling like there is hope for me in finding love.

Chantelle Cotton

In just 30 minutes she was able to identify what I was doing that may not have warranted the results that I really was looking to achieve and show me a different way to approach the situation to get the desired result, but didn't quite know how to get.

Marquis Jones

As a MAN I did not know what to expect and I am glad that I had an open mind and heart because Stacii had me focused and receiving this wisdom in minutes. I strongly encourage anyone especially my fellow MEN to reach out to Stacii, you will not be disappointed whatsoever.

Breanna Shivers

Having Stacii as my coach has been the game changer that I needed this year.  Our coaching sessions have helped me to address the areas of which I have struggled with dating. Stacii has become a change agent for me with her “real talk” and uplifting spiritual guidance.  

Jazlyn Turner

Working with Stacii has affirmed the things I’ve been doing right in relationships and gave me action steps to elevate my communication. I’m excited to dig deeper into what I want and need in a man/relationship with a few key assignments she asked for me to complete.

Nan Girton

I truly enjoyed my time slot with Stacii Jae! I learned to confirm exactly what she coached! “ Assert yourself” “know what you want” “ keep your feminine energy”. Know girl.. it’s ALL about YOU! I have taken that advice with me to every conversation after! 

Here's How It Works

Schedule a Consultation 

The first step is to schedule a consultation so I can perform an assessment of your needs.

I'll Assess Your Needs and Make Recommendations on How I Can Help

Once you schedule your assessment we'll meet for 45 minutes so I can make my professional recommendations on how I can help.

Choose Your Coaching Option

After I've conducted the formal assessment during our initial call I'll provide you with the best options to help you accomplish your goals.  We'll agree together, and work towards your goals together. 

Request Your Consultation Below.

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Thank You for Your Interest!

I'm so excited to talk to you, but before we get started, I've got to know, are you coming as an individual or a couple?  This helps me point you to the right calendar to schedule your time with me!  Choose the appropriate option below!

Single Session: $300

This coaching session is for you if you are NOT currently in a romantic relationship and need advice on how to attract the love you deserve or you ARE in a relationship, but need answers and/or direction navigating through the relationship. 

We will spend 1 hour together evaluating your love life and help you identify a strategy that will help you rewrite your love story and attract and keep the love you deserve and desire to have!

Couples Session: $400

These coaching sessions are for you if you are ARE currently in a romantic relationship and you and your significant other need advice on how to have a magnetic relationship together. Both individuals need to be present for a couples session. 

We will spend 1 hour together evaluating your relationship and help you identify a strategy that will help you cultivate the thriving and long-lasting relationship you both deserve and desire to have!



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