A Class To Help You Spirtually Connect To The Feminine Woman Inside You

2 hour class led by dating and relationship expert Dr. Stacii Jae Johnson to help you connect to the soul of your feminine power – your Vagina.

Get out of your head and the daily results oriented masculine doer energy of life and into the feminine experience of your Vagina.

During the class, Dr. Stacii Jae Johnson will guide you through meditation, deep breathing and lite movement to discover, recharge, get unboxed and experience a deeper connection within yourself to fully feel and love your life.

Intentionally connecting to your Vagina through meditation and deep breathing will help enhance your overall life experience as a woman.

If you are single, connecting to your feminine energy will be key to your manifesting the greatest love story you can imagine. If you are in a marriage or committed relationship, connecting to your feminine energy will help you keep the love you have.

This class also includes a group discussion led by Dr. Stacii Jae around the importance of honing in on your innate ability to connect to your Vagina through meditation to cultivate more self awareness, inner power and give room to embody a more feminine you.

You’ll leave this class feeling unlimited and free throughout your body, mind and soul so you can

No dance experience needed. Comfortable clothes suggested. Come as you are.
nnBring pillow and mat for meditation.
Bring journal to take notes.

what to expect

• 15 minutes guided meditation connecting you to your vagina through meditation
• 15 minutes freestyle movement
• 45 minutes importance of connecting to your femininity in life and love discussion led by Dr. Stacii Jae Johnson

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