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We’re excited to have Stacii Jae join our team to help shed a light on modern dating in the black community and beyond,” said Lakshmi Rengarajan, Director of Brand Strategy for BlackPeopleMeet. “Stacii’s not just a dating coach, she’s an advocate for black love, which is a message that strongly resonates with our brand.

- Lakshmi Rengarajan,(Director of Brand Strategy, BlackPeopleMeet.Com)
“Stacii Jae’s book has struck a chord with women who have been on, what I call ‘relationship hamster wheels’. Date, Girl is the basis of the advice I give women when they ask for a man’s perspective. It is a MUST READ…

- David Mitchell,(Corporate Banker)
Stacii is a phenomenal host and speaker and a genius in her own right! We always receive great feedback from the audience as well as the Macy's team involved in the events we have partnered with Stacii Jae to host. Her ability to connect and capture our audience as well as introduce them to the Date Girl! book series is impeccable. She is an expert in giving dating advice and her professionalism is appreciated.

- Tamara Ray,(Macy’s Special Events Manager)
“EXCELLENT READ! Pick it up, give it to your daughters. It’s the DATING BIBLE.

- QueenLi Black,(President Black Crown Consulting)
"As a single woman, I'm often discouraged by the dating advice for singles, however, after reading 'Date Girl,' I am inspired! The book combines humor with a serious, thought-provoking, realistic approach to "dating." I am recommending the book for everyone especially young adult women! Her advice is practical, hopeful and fun to read! Highly recommended!

- Quisa Foster,(Chief Communications Officer, F2 Communications Group)
Pick a number!" That's how my friends and I read this book! Stacii Jae's “Date Girl!” is a fun book of dating lifestyle anecdotes that are interestingly relevant, uncannily relatable and "in your face" reminders of why women need to take back their dating lives pronto! Get out of our heads Stacii!

- Lisa Haygood,(Entrepreneur)
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