Dating Challenge: Break The Patterns

Begin to see the patterns in your life. Think about a color pattern of four squares―red-black-blue-green. If you only see the same four squares at a time, there’s no way you can possibly see that it is a repeating pattern. This week, take the opportunity to give a chance to a totally different kind of guy or pursue some little thing that interests you that you can’t quite even currently name but that you haven’t experienced before. Commit to opening yourself up to new things and new types of people.

The journey to finding love can be daunting. It is hard. Especially when you have been successful at everything else in life. But I have a feeling you are going to be better than all right.

As successful women, we put real focused effort into our business or our career. We study it. We commit to it. We look for ways to win in it. Dating and positioning ourselves for love is the same thing. I pray my dating and motivational tips are a blessing to your life.

Have an amazing week!



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