Dating Challenge: Positioning

This week, try to do something that you enjoy that will broaden your reach. It may be something new that you always wanted to try, but didn’t. You near the water and always wanted to surf, take a surfing class. You wanna learn to paint? Take a painting class. It may be going to a museum, attending an event that you would normally not attend, going to a movie with French actors and subtitles, or going to the park with a blanket, your headset on, and your favorite book. What better way to meet someone doing something that you enjoy; that you may both be able to enjoy together one day. And yes, start a 3-month free online dating account. Just do it! Position yourself for love to find you. I am telling you, you won’t regret it.

How are you positioning yourself for love to find you? One of the places I love going is the bookstore. A visit to the bookstore allows my mind to reach places I have yet had the opportunity to touch. Barnes & Noble is a place for me to really stretch my mind, from the magazine section to the various sections of books. Doing something you love or outside the norm for you, as a single woman, is the best position ever to put yourself in to meet a great guy

Have an amazing week!



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