#AskStaciiJae: My Thanksgiving Gift To YOU! Stop Waiting For People To Pass You The Baton, Take it!

CAN I GET ARRESTED? I walked in Barnes and Noble and put my book on the shelf. I did. And I LEFT IT THERE. I hope that wasn’t illegal. Barnes and Nobles should be happy. They have a free copy of my book: “Date, Girl 143 Reasons Why I Believe Women Should Date Multiple Men.” A woman will come in and buy it. I’m sure of it. So, I just … at the end of the day helped their bottom line. At the end of the year they should thank me. I know my book is good. Everyone that reads my book says it’s good. Why isn’t my book in Barnes and Noble stores across the country? Heck… Why is my book not even online at Barnes and Nobles? Every self publisher company wants me to pay them thousands and thousands of dollars to tell me what to do to get my book in Barnes and Nobles and distributors around the country. The biggest problem with that is they all say the same thing. Urrrgghhh….That in itself is a problem. I have never gotten anywhere in my life by doing the same thing as everyone else. I just haven’t. So why in the hell would I start now by paying someone 5k to show me what to do to get my book distribution. That’s crazy! I could see if they did the work. Knowledge is power. So I get it. BUT I’m not following the pack. I’m just not.

Some people wake up and wait for the baton to be passed to them. I figure out a way to take the baton. It’s true. My way is unsettling for some. But it’s who I am. It’s who I have always been. My mom raised me that way. After being the regional personnel manager for one of the biggest retailers in the country for 24 years and receiving nothing but A’s on her reviews, she was fired and her replacement – One of her superior’s 23 year old cousin. She sued for age discrimination. I was a young girl when this happened. For me, the outcome…it’s not important. What is important to me is the countless nights I saw my mom in FIGHT mode…. Doing all she had to do to take the steps to get what and where she felt she deserved. It wore her out, that I remember. That fight, that drive, that taking the baton in her life and not waiting on someone to pass it to her and her standing for herself figuring out a way to feed me when she had no money… Her then taking the steps to then learn a totally different industry and opening her own company. My mom is not here today BUT her take the baton spirit lives inside me. She always taught me that I have everything I need today to get what and where I need to get today.

I have an amazing book. Everybody that reads my book loves it. It’s a fun read with a LOT of dating nuggets for single ladies. The premise is this- single women give their most precious gift – monogamy- women who have yet to show themselves deserving of it. How do I know? Because I did it all my life. I was a serial monogamist. I didn’t write my book to just not do what it takes to get it out there in the world and be successful. But I have to do something different to stand out. I have to take chances. Take risk. I need marketing, promotions etc… Which is very expensive. PR is thousands and thousands of dollars a month. A book tour is expensive. After paying thousands of dollars to get the book done, I can’t afford both PR and a book tour. So keeping it completely 100, I chose to spend every dime I have now traveling with my book and doing book signings in every city and living room that I can. If I do not believe in me and be willing to take it there, then who will?

So TODAY I decided to walk myself into Barnes and Noble and leave my book on the shelf in the section I want it to be in. I did something different. Now, I have decided as an additional marketing strategy to get my book into the hands of readers, EVERY CITY I go to I will put my book on the shelf at a Barnes and Noble. So yesterday I did exactly that. Mission accomplished. MY BOOK IS IN BARNES & NOBLE!!!!!! Matter of fact, it’s in two Barnes and Nobles. Sure, its kinda rogue and kinda risky, but hey, I feel better. I feel empowered. I feel like I am controlling my destiny and who knows maybe Barnes and Nobles may see that they are somehow selling this book across the country and they don’t even have it listed in their book stock? All that matters to me is that I am thinking outside of the box, creatively and taking the baton. I am no longer waiting on anyone to pass it to me. Yes….I spent some marketing dollars because now I can’t make money off any of those books I just gave away. But as a business woman, I have to spend money to make money. So, I spent it at Barnes and Nobles by leaving a couple of books on the shelf. I really hope I don’t get arrested though. If I do, it will be worth it. I stood for something – ME.

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Have a Fab Day! And Remember to – if single -Live Your BEST Life NOW!

Your Favorite Single Girl,

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