Bossing Down Is Sexy: Embracing Your Feminine Energy vs Male Energy To Become Irresistible To Him

My “Why The Right Guy Won’t Fall For You” webinar on ZOOM this last Sunday sparked a conversation around a topic I brought up around feminine vs masculine energy.

I decided to do a short video to really explain the 3 steps to embracing feminine energy vs masculine energy when dating and in relationships.#BOSSINGDOWNISSEXY

I believe a BIG problem lies when it comes to how we as a society focus so much with our girls around this word BOSS. From the t-shirts, to the hats, to the hashtag #bosslady #bossy #boss #IAmABoss, BossFemale, I believe it all clouds the thought process of women when it comes to love, dating and relationships.  And with our young people in general, they will have hardly any healthy relational tools because as young girls (high school and college) there is so much more time spent on being successful in business and career than the tools to to cultivate healthy relationships within dating and love.

The unfortunate problem is that we as a society are so stuck on making women bosses but no one is really giving the information or putting in perspective the fact that all that BOSS FEMALE stuff should be left at the office, board room, business meetings and a woman’s own personal life as it regards decisions about her- specifically. I’m all for being a BOSS. Heck I am a BOSS. But I am clear where BOSS should be left as a woman who is preparing to attract and keep her own life partnership with a man.

As a love, dating and relationship coach that has traveled to several cities speaking to women and girls,  it saddens me sometimes to see the time and energy spent on producing BOSSES vs the time and energy spent in giving our men, women, boys and girls the tools to cultivate healthy romantic relationships. I see BIG conferences, sponsored by major businesses not even have any programming discussions around the “cultivating healthy romantic relationships in dating, love and relationships.” It’s like we live in a bubble of – We got that part straight! (Ummmmm no we don’t)

In the meantime, the divorce ratio in the USA is 52% and 70% in the African American community-  all I can say is where do we go from here? What will happen to the black family? Yes, women being successful in business is absolutely important, but I can tell you this…. I have never met a woman or college girls who did not somewhere in the trajectory of her life’s success NOT want to share her life with someone who she loves and can love her back…. who she can build life together with. But how is she going to do that- with hardly no tools….but “how to be a BOSS.”

What has to happen before we start having that discussion….people? 

The word “BOSS” for women these days is empowering in the instance of work and in regards to being a BOSS in your own personal life, but as it regards dating and being in a relationship, being a BOSS is probably the least of the things that men will see as a factor when it comes to giving a woman their heart and trusting her with his.

In this short video I give 3 steps to how a woman can embrace her feminine energy vs her “BOSS” masculine energy to become irresistible to a man.

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